showbiz scandal

Sorry, can’t help it…

My mom is texting me for some latest news in the Philippines, and for 3 days or so, she is texting about the infamous “Kho-Halili” sex videos.

I appreciate the concerns from ordinary Filipinos & from the legislators but I think the issue is being used for 2010 elections… hmmm….

I just hope that they take the “case” OBJECTIVELY. The main concern here should be what is true, who is at fault, with due process punish the person and how are they going to ammend/make laws to prevent future cases and protect previous & present victims, and not to forget the “how to implement such laws”.

I am certain that this is not the first time a case like this happened.

I feel sorry for the women in the vids. I feel sorry for Kho if it’s true he’s trying to change already & if it’s true that he never wanted the vids to go public. I feel sorry for Belo because she was cheated. I feel sorry for their mothers who I’m sure are hurting like hell right now. They are mothers after all. Whether their children are good or bad, I’m sure they love them & they want to protect them with their lives.

Stop being so personal, especially for those in authorities I guess. Be objective about the issue.

“Every bad word thrown at a person’s face, one grieving heart of a loving mother is pierced.”

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