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Sad Monday

It’s a sad Monday. My friend C text me a heartbreaking news — our dear “Tita”, I’s (another dear friend from college days) mother passed away. It was an untimely death in our opinion but who are we to know, may her soul be at peace with the Lord our God.

Free Stock Photo from DeathToTheStockPhoto


Tita, wherever you are in Heaven, I want to say some things to you.
I wanna thank you deeply for all the memories we shared,
for the pieces of advice and treating us like your own children,…
for cleaning me up and my mess the first time I got so drank
in your house,
for listening to the stories of my life, especially Lovelife,
for being so cool, accommodating and generous.
I will miss your maki.
Tita, I’m sorry for not being able to maintain our once close
relationship. I’m really sorry for not keeping in touch.
It’s a shame but I admit it anyway.
Lastly, my singing for the chorale this week will be for you.
My prayers are with you and your beloved “I”  for always.
May you rest in peace in God’s loving arms.
I will not see you again, I cannot even attend to your funeral,
but you’ll be in my heart, forever.

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