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Vitamins: Good or Bad for the Body?

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In today’s modern world, it is common to take Vitamins. It has become an integral part of our lives in order to live by with pollution and stresses. So, vitamins are added to our daily diet. Anyone can buy it over-the-counter and in brochures! But wait, since it has now become a very important part of our lives, don’t you think it is also necessary to take extra cautious before we take them all into our system?

  • Vitamin A such as those in carrots and broccoli may reduce the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer. High dietary intake of carotene (a compound converted into Vit A by the body) reduces cancer risk, even among long-term smokers. Other popular sources are apples, squash, tomatoes and green vegetables.
  • Vitamin C and aspirin do not fit. They are not supposed to be taken together. Combined heavy doses of these may produce excessive stomach irritations which could lead to an ulcer.
  • One gram of Vit B-6 can be dangerous since the body only needs 1 0r 2 milligrams of B-6 a day. Overdosage may lead to loss of sensory and motor control.
  • High doses of Vitamin E (which is good for the skin) may cause blood clots, phlebitis, hypertension, severe fatigue, breast tumors and disturbances of reproduction. It is suggested that daily intake of more than 100-300 units of active tocopherol is excessive.
  • Unlike Vit Bs & C which passed out the body through the kidneys when taken in excess, Vit A & D are stored in fats and the liver where they can cause some damages like cirrhosis, dry itchy skin, fatigue and muscle pain.

sources: New England Journal, Journal of AMA, Health Letter, USI, Northwestern University, BBB

Note: I myself take vitamins, why not? if it will make me feel and look better plus healthier of course. But everything had to be in moderation and if possible with a prescription. I’m sure with all that plus a load of useful info in your hand (as when not to take it or when is it too much) everything will be just great. Just take the necessary precautions before taking into your body those tablets of promises.

One more thing fellas, my doctor told me not to take Vitamin C when I have a fever since it might aggravate my condition.

Cheers to a good health!

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