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How to Prevent Burglary

Free Stock Photo by Clark Young from Unsplash

A couple of days ago, I read a news about the burglary incident at Anne Curtis’ (actress/model/style icon) house which I think, if I’m not mistaken is somewhere in the South. See related story in this LINK.

Incidents like these are scary and truly saddening. Such misfortune and alarming incident may happen to anyone, YOU, me, anyone. So, just to help everyone out, especially those without security personnel or home securities, here are some tips for the prevention of these dangerous crime – BURGLARY. I hope you find one or two of these tips helpful without being into any unsafe situation.

  • Must make sure that all possible entries like doors & windows are well-secured.
  • If possible, do away with the shrubs or any other possible hiding spots.
  • Ready your key when you are to arrive home.
  • Carefully & thoroughly instruct family members and other house members about security precautions and procedures.
  • Reroute subscriptions (magazines, newspapers, mail) when going away for a long vacation and no one or just few house members are left at home.
  • Try to engrave a distinct mark on your expensive items that can be removed from the house.
  • Do not inform everybody when going away for a long vacay & no one or just a few are left at home.
  • Do not put expensive items in very public visible spots.
  • Do not leave a key outside the house (under pots or rags).
  • Do not give a hint that you are away or no one is in the house.
  • Keep ladders inside.
  • Keep your car lights on until you have opened the garage.

If all safety measures are properly done and it still happens and you are at home, please do not risk your or anyone’s life. Try to hide in a safe place. Try to preserve the scenes and call police assistance at the first safe opportunity. After all, most of what they will take away are material things that can be replaced.

Stay safe everyone! Cheers! =)

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