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Happy Hour, folks! Wait. Stop. Before the next “round” you may want to read first some inspirations. Ready or not, it’s below:

Why Drink a Beer? | Beer Benefits | Healthy Beer

  • Prevents Cancer – Most beers contain Xanthohumol, a prenylflavonoid which is good because it has shown to have potential promise in preventing prostate cancer and prostate enlargement.
  • Supplements Vitamins – Beer is prepared from grains, water and yeast. It provides modest Vitamin B, plus more useful quantities of magnesium, selenium and other trace elements. Beer is identified in the blood through the level of vitamin B6 present in such blood and Vit B has shown to decrease the level of homocysteine which on the other hand increases the chances of heart disease.
  • Reduces chances of heart disease – Studies show that one drink a day for women or up to two drinks a day for men reduces the chances of strokes, heart and vascular disease.
  • X-rays radioprotection – Japanese researchers found that beer helps reduce chromosomal damage from radiation exposure. Samples were exposed to X-rays and other types of radiation after the subjects drank the beer, their samples showed at least 30% fewer aberrations in the blood cells.
  • Boosts Memory – Research shows that moderate consumption of alcohol can improve your memory. Though the research is quite unclear, it is noted that the increased production of new nerve cells during moderate alcohol consumption can be important for the development of alcohol addiction and other long-term effects of alcohol on the brain.
  • Slow down the aging process – There are studies which suggest that beer is an anti-inflammatory and can slow the aging process.
  • Beer vs. wine and Beer vs. Jogging – Beer contains a similar amount of polyphenols as red wine and 4-5 times as many polyphenols as white wine. Beer is more nutritious than wine. Unfiltered beer contains nearly all the B vitamins, several minerals, and as many antioxidants as wine. Beer provides a 30% increase in vitamin B6 into the blood plasma – something that neither wine nor any other liquor can do. Beer is also a rich source of dietary silicon, a mineral that improves bone density.
  • Moderate beer drinking (1-2 for females, 2-3 for males) seems to increase the body’s hi-density lipoprotein (HDL), which is the type of cholesterol that reduces heart disease risk. This is also what happens when someone exercises like jogging.

More, more, more:

Three easy Visual Signs of AN EXCELLENT BEER:

  1. There are small bubbles that continue to rise for several minutes.
  2. There is a densed head, 1 ½ – 2 inches high that lasts.
  3. There ain’t any trace of cloudiness.

Now, are you inspired by these facts and are becoming more meticulous when it comes to your beer? That’s good! Let me just remind you that these benefits apply only to MODERATE DRINKING, doing it the other way is HARMFUL to your well-being. I myself admit, I ask for beers more than any other alcoholic drinks, wine included. I trust you fellas. Be responsible drinkers and be guilt-free while getting or ordering another cold glass of beer & drink it bottom’s up!


sources: BBB & steadyhealth

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