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Hi everyone, how’s the SONA going? I’ll just reserve my comments for a while. For 4 days, we had a visitor from Australia (a Pinay and her son) who had lived there for 13 years. The duo is so cool, inspiring and eye-pleasing. It was fun having them. And, yesterday was a big day for me! I was confirmed by Archbishop John Dew. Yep, shame at this age but was made extraordinary by the place and time. Archbishop even gave us something from Rome, Italy as a remembrance.

Quite a lot had happened this weekend, oh yeah, but I still need some “inspirin” to blog! Been feeling a little lonely, homey sicky these past days…. *sniff*

Change topic fellas!

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For three months, I’ve been battling with “dandruff”! yikes! I know what you’re thinking, it’s yuck and so unglam, unfab, unlady of me. Embarrassingly sad but it’s true!

Before you all think that I was absent when Personal Grooming 101 was being taught, my dandruff is due to climatic change. Back in RP, I only get this when super stress-out with stuff. Now, I’m having this because of the cold, very cold weather.

So what do I do?

The first option one may think of, including me is to take an anti-dandruff shampoo. But I reconsider the facts that (1) anti-dandruff shampoos are normally harsher & could lead to more dryness; (2) the reason for me having dandruff is because of scalp dryness due to COLD weather and; (3) there is only one reasonably-priced anti-dandruff shampoo here and it dries my scalp all the more.

So I looked for alternative solutions and found the following helpful tips:

1. Good blood circulation up to our scalp is very important. That way, no toxic will build-up in our scalps. To achieve that, do “scalp massage” at least once a week before washing your hair.

2. Try applying (Virgin) Coconut Oil but since the price ain’t practical here in my local, I stopped but hey, it was effective (lucky Filipinos).

3. Apple Cider Vinegar added to a basin of water as a final rinse to the hair, to maintain its acid balance. Do it on a weekend! =)

4. Mix one egg yolk with a squirt of lime juice and a few drops of camphor oil and apply to scalp for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. This will reintroduce missing protein to the scalp.

Gotta try myself numbers 3 & 4 this coming weekend. Wish me luck!=) Though the scalp massage has already helped a lot!

Do you have other tips?, you’re welcome to share it!

All love ,
Miss Sachi

sources: BBB, bharti

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