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♥ Working Odd Jobs Abroad ♥

The change in my circumstances does not allow me to blog-to-death, not like before. Poor me.

I migrated 3 months ago, left the Philippines & tried to start a new life from scratch. I was a promising Accountant back home but due to change in plans, I left my office and decided to go abroad. However, due to the global recession, finding a full-time, “good” job is not easy even for most locals here.

In short, full-time Accounting job is far from my fate right now, so I have to work for 2 part-time jobs to pay my rent, bills, debts, food and all other stuff I used to enjoy (sometimes freely) when I was still living with my parents in the Philippines.

My one part-time role is as… CHECK-OUT OPERATOR or Cashier in the Philippines… I also do bagging, it’s a rotation for us.

I admit, I cried on my first day, as soon as I was in my room, alone. I did not eat dinner and I wanted to quit and just go back. There is just something within me that stopped me. I do not want this job to be the reason why I am going home. I am going home, I know that for a fact. I knew that the first time I set foot on this land. I knew that even before I tell it to anyone. I just knew, but this is not the time, this won’t be the reason, I told myself.

So, I came back the next morning and now I’m charging all these to life experience.


  1. It’s a whole new experience!!!
  2. I know more veggies & fruits, all different types.
  3. I appreciate more my blessings right now.
  4. More money! hehe
  5. I give new meaning to hard work & love & sacrifice & fortitude & pain endurance. whew.
  6. I speak more often. LOL (I’m the silent type of lady)
  7. I am forced to exercise.
  8. I can now buy more pasalubong
  9. A customer’s thank you & smile are enough to make my day better.
  10. The feeling that I was able to help others or fulfill my job.


  1. Muscle pain, backache, leg pain, swollen toes = all due to long hours of standing if not bagging all the grocery items.
  2. Rude customers.
  3. Impatient customers.
  4. Situations/emergencies/irregular transactions that make me sweat and make me look ignorant!!!! grrrr….
  5. Hard time noting & remembering all those fruits & veggies (leeks, beetroots, yams, 4 types of pears, courgettes etc… etc…)

Just like any other career, there are UPS & DOWNS being a Check-out Operator, a job I would not consider doing if I’m in the Philippines. So, right now I am just taking advantage of whatever there is to take advantage of from this phase in my life and hoping it would make me a better person and equip me for the future. I just hope it’s not like I really have to do it again to earn a living! =)

SALUTE & CHEERS to All CASHIERS and CHECK-OUTS out there! Great job!

All for hard work

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