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♥ Must Visit Places in Wellington New Zealand ♥

Hi, fellas! How’s everything going? Okay, this is the second week of my life as a check-out operator and oh my goodness, it was exhausting! But some things do keep me alive — what are these? TA-DA…. The must Visit Places in Wellington New Zealand, my traveler blood is pumping my heart, obviously.

WETA CAVE, location of the craft company behind the box-office hit movie “LORD OF THE RINGS”

♥ TraveL Pick ♥ a glimpse of WETA CAVE

FOOD FESTIVAL, this coming 17-31 August… Being someone who has a very healthy appetite and friendly taste buds, I am excitedly looking forward to this event. A worthy way to spend my hard-earned money.

CABLE CAR EXPERIENCE, one popular tourist spot here. I’ll do it at night & at daytime… woohoo!
wellington cable car.jpg
BEEHIVE/PARLIAMENT TOUR, for some cultural enhancement.



♥ Spotted ♥ Botanical Garden of Wellies♥ Spotted ♥ Botanical Garden of Wellies

SHOPPING, for pasalubong most especially, I’d love to go at the famous “Queensgate”

INTER ISLANDER FERRIES, I just dunno if this would suit my budget.

PHOTOSHOOTS, a must!, the best souvenir I could keep for myself.


MUSEUMS & CHURCHES, again for some cultural nourishment and educational purposes.

I hope to do all these soon. =) This stuff simply keeps me alive. That’s how ‘effing tired I am! Time for a “traveler mode” fellas and spoil myself some REAL travel & vacation. Just right after some 5days/week, 8hrs/day job of facing (sometimes cruel) human beings. =) No hard feelings, though, I believe in Karma… 

All hope

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