Blissful Finds

♥ Blissful Finds at NZ Streets ♥

FINALLY, payday comes and I could not help but spend some of my money. I really wanted to buy “pasalubong” for my loved ones and although I have already managed to buy some for some, I figured it won’t be so bad to buy some for myself too.

For kikays out there, take a good look and enjoy. =)

It is a product from the UK and I bought it from a real super cool store – Bennetts GiftShop @ Courtney Place (Wellington’s spot for restos & bars). Though expensive, it is unique & delicious at the same time. =) What a grab! I’ll definitely be back to buy some more of their items like soaps and car miniatures.

Aside from this lip gloss, I also grabbed the off the following items – another Betty Boop item & a chocolate mint in a cute pocket pill box. I was literally mesmerized & fascinated and overwhelmed with that store! There are more Betty Boop items which unfortunately would be difficult to carry back in Pinas and not to mention, very expensive. So, I made myself happy with these, instead. =)

In a popular mall/store here, Farmers, I bought this cute leather jewelry box on sale! (still thinking as to whom shall I give these items)

Friends, these are my latest finds here in NZ, what about you, any blissful finds?

All for HomeComing!

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