♥ Revenge NOT ♥

I LOVE Johnny Depp! For me, he’s one of the best character actors. His eyes are oh so charming & could speak a thousand and one words. Okay, enough of my admiration of Johnny.

Yesternight I stayed up very late just to watch “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” which starred my Johnny. It was a great flick directed by no other than Tim Burton, an adaptation of a popular theater play.

Indeed it is a bloody movie, Depp, playing Todd being obsessed by the idea of REVENGE to the people who caused his miserable life. In his path of revenge, the table suddenly turns and his anger backfires at him, making him kill his own wife and almost harming his only daughter as well.

Sweeney Todd is my personal reminder that ANGER and GRUDGE should have no space in my heart, my mind and my life for it will do me no good at all. In the end, I will still be the loser. Also, REVENGE is something I should not even think of, because it is a dangerous thought, once it lingers in your mind, it will corrupt your mind and soul.

Anger, grudge, and revenge. All normal emotions but once identified and accepted, they must be destroyed at once before we do any harm to others or to the people that matter to us, or to ourselves even.

Image from IMDB

Forgive, Forget & Pray


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