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♥ Flying Safe ♥


Last year, I had a blast when it comes to travel and I had the luxury to do it with planes. The lucky break continued this year. As a matter of fact, I had this year my very first international flight. So far, I’m happy because I’ve confirmed that I have no fear of flying. =) or it’s just for the sake of travel? Anyhow, lots of us LOVE to travel, especially these times when several airline companies are offering airfare discounts. Let’s review some safety tips when it comes to flying….

STAYING SAFE on a plane trip:

  • Aisle seats close to the over-wing emergency exits are said to be safer. These seats are commonly in the mid-front section of the plane. If you sit near the window next to an emergency exit, you may be in a more dangerous zone in the event of a crash that jams the exit. Aisle seats near several exits give you more choices for escape thus making your survival rate higher.
  • Try to count and memorize the number of rows from your seat to the nearest exits. If ever the plane crashes and smoke fills the cabin, you’ll find yourself in the dark working toward your exit.
  • Wear full-length clothing, suits or dresses, made of wool or cotton. Avoid wearing shorts or clothing made of synthetics like polyester because it can melt to your body in a fire.
  • Women should not wear high-heeled shoes on a plane. They can cause accidents everywhere most especially in emergency cases when everyone is trying to get to the exit.
  • If the plane is filled with smoke, stay low while crawling towards the exit. You can be killed by the toxic smoke. If there’s a warning before a crash, place a damp cloth over your mouth in order to breath through the smoke.
  • If you’re lucky enough to escape a crash, get as far away from the plane as possible.
  • Read and listen to emergency instructions soon after you get on the plane since you would not want to do that when the aircraft suddenly get into troubles.
  • Avoid airlines with “financial difficulties”. Yes, there’s a need to check their financial standing since it will have an effect on their maintenance and you know, POOR MAINTENANCE = GREATER RISK of UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. Also, avoid those with labor problems basically for the same reason.

I do hope we can all live with a little travel on the side from time to time. For me, it ain’t actually a luxury but a necessary form of education, relaxation, and retreat from our daily lives, a getaway to be unattached, for a while. Saint Augustine said that life is like a book, without traveling means not turning its pages.

Have a blissful & safe journey. 

acknowledgments: BBB, CBS | Image by Blissful Thoughts

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Reblogging my safety tips before and during air flights. It was originally posted in 2009 but still rings true to this day. I decided to reblog this because one I sorely miss riding a plane and two, I just watched the movie “SULLY” starring my favorite actor, Tom Hanks last night. And, I loved the movie! SULLY is a biographical drama film about Captain Chesley Sullenberger of US Airways who managed an epic and successful water landing in the Hudson River in 2009 when Flight 1549 encountered bird strikes.


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