♥ License To Wed ♥

I had a superb dinner today, fish (flounder) + rice + tomatoes w/egg + choco muffin (for desert). After the yummy supper, we watched the movie “License to Wed”.

Image from IMDB

I like Mandy Moore’s movies, even the like-a-copy-cat flick A Walk to Remember, but there is something in “License to Wed” which irritates me & makes me feel sorry for the guy. I also do not buy the scene when the jewelry store refused to correct the ring engravement which was supposed to be Never to PART instead of “FART”. Hello, where is common sense?

Nonetheless, I like Mandy in a light, feel-good film like this. Her outfits, aura and overall arrive just make me feel good too, just relax. She’s pleasant to my eyes. Moreover, the film’s intention which is to prepare couples for marriage and possibly open their eyes that wedding is more than just a grand day is very much appreciated. A wedding is a celebration of a start of a new union, a new life of togetherness, of marriage. It is sacred and meant to be taken seriously and responsibly.

Now, that makes me think a little over. Do I already have the License to Wed? =p

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