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♥ ready for home ♥

Hi, peeps! I’ve been happily busy these past 2 days or so. Wanna know why? I am happy and busy at the same time ‘coz I’ve been preparing for a birthday celebration for Lovey this coming 1st of September. This weekend, we unintentionally were able to visit (one of my to visit list) WETA CAVE, a place housing the model props and other prosthetics used in big films such as LORD OF THE RINGS.

Then, I am also preparing for my homecoming! Gotta shop some good finds for my beloved family, friends, and colleagues. Fortunately, shops went on SALE! Talking about just-in-time events folks. These are some of my hauls.

How can I not buy chocolates for pasalubong?!
Take your pick, I’ll be sharing some of my reviews with these chocolates.

Shopping bags. These are so IN here and I’m trying to be environment-friendly, right?!

For my darlings Bea and Uno.
Thomas book and ballerina musical jewelry box.

Ref magnets. I know it’s common but READ CAREFULLY what type of bird it is. LOL (and hey it’s not mine!)

Guess bag for my dear mama. I’m still waiting for coffees to go on sale, for dad. LOL

When I buy things for myself, I feel happy but more often than not, the happiness fades away just as quickly as I pull out cash from my wallet or swipe my card. But when I buy things for others, especially for the people that I love, it doubles the worth of my money, brings a joy that lasts longer or forever and a feeling that it’s the best money I ever spent for a long time.

This stuff may not be all mine but I still thank HIM for I regard this opportunity to give as one great blessing.

Happy Heroes Day!

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