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♥ Travel Bliss ♥ A Glimpse of WETA CAVE

As I posted previously, my Lovey and I were able to go to one of my “to visit list” here in Wellington, NZ and that is the WETA CAVE located at Miramar, unexpectedly. We just overheard some kababayans who were heading there, asking the bus driver for directions, so we “secretly” followed them. =)

After going to Central Park early in the morning (so please excuse my haggardness in the picture), we were supposed to buy some favorite cookies at The Warehouse but then, one bus ride and the rest of our afternoon that day changed, beautifully I must say! Every day is indeed full of surprises.

Weta Cave is not literally a cave. It is a place of the multi-Academy Award-winning company whose artists and craftsmen helped bring The Lord of The Rings, King Kong and The Chronicles of Narnia. Weta Cave screens an exclusive behind the scenes look at WETA and interviews with WETA co-founders Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor et al. There is a mini museum which presents proudly some characters, props and displays from various movies including LOTR’s! Of course, there is a souvenir on the side too, to complete
everybody’s visit.

Sachi’s rate: 7/10

Upside: Marvelous talents and crafts were showcased. The WETA workshops products are truly amazing and deserving of not just recognitions but also people’s attention. It’s AMAZING!

DOWNside: Sorry pals, aside from not being a “big fan” of films such as LOTR, Weta Cave is small, too small for a place for such magnificent crafts. It does not meet my expectations, maybe as to size and grandeur.


Til the next place we explore,

♥ Central Park Trail
♥ Cable Car!

1st batch of CHOCOLATE reviews =)

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