♥ Hollywood Homicide ♥

A 6-year-old movie of veteran Harrison Ford and fast-rising (at that time I could imagine) cutie rookie Josh Hartnett. At first, the movie having the word “Hollywood” in its title plus a power-cast, really caught my interest and made me imagine how action-packed and mind-juggling it is.

I was wrong. Yes, there were action scenes, why not, they are both playing as cops. But instead of an intense action, I laughed at the movie from time to time. It’s so comical! Ford is a real estate broker aside from being a cop and hooked up with a psych girl while Hartnett is a Yoga Instructor wanting to quit being a cop and just pursue a career in acting!

All scenes never fail me to laugh. Worth-watching. It’s strange to see the actors play such roles, especially Hartnett. He’s so cute with his character.

Have you watched it? I know you’ll love it as well…

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