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♥ Travel Bliss ♥ Botanical Garden of Wellington

Kia Ora! (hello!) blog mates… My apologies for being inactive for the past days, I’ve been busy with acquiring new “babies”. I might share them with you soon. But for now, all I can share is my happiness brought by my babies, Shukri and Purdy. =)

To make it up, here is a very fresh happening to me, actually just 7 hours ago… I finally made it to Botanical Garden of Wellington at Karori. September is the start of the SPRING season, so flowers are blooming almost everywhere especially at the Botanical Garden.

I love flowers. In fact, that’s one aspect of my lovey that I really appreciate – he often gives me flowers. It’s so nice to look at them, take their photos or even just to smell them (even though they are odorless most of the times!)

At the Botanical Garden, oh yeah baby, there are MANY FLOWERS, name it! But there were some that really captured my attention and simply took my breath away.
What are they?

DREAM flowers, my first time to know and see them.
They are simply beautiful in white and yellow!
Seen often as notebook covers, a’ight?

My ever favorite Tulips. They are lovely.

Thinking they were Sakura, but they are actually called,
California Poppy which is very awesome and fragrant too!
Yes, they smell real sweet and nice.

A SAKURA leaf in my hand!
Yes, I’ve finally experience Cherry Blossom, and that my friends
completed my day, my journey even here at Welly.
I only see them before in Japanese cartoons
but now, it’s in my hand.

The Wellies’ Botanical Garden is no doubt a photographer’s
and nature lover’s haven. (Is that me!?) dream on, I know. =)
This garden is so relaxing so I’m giving it a two-thumbs-up and
a rate of 9/10! (especially coz there’s no entrance fee!)
It’s a must-visit for tourists.
And oh, they have a tree-house, rose garden, duck pond,
cactus garden, the fern garden and much more!!!

I’ve been to Paradizoo at Mendez Cavite also, though in land size they will surely lose, I can safely and proudly say that when it comes to FLOWERS per se, they can put up a good fight! =)

Loving Nature,
My debts =): (posting soon)
♥ Central Park
Cable Car

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