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♥ Tummy Bliss ♥ WHITTAKER’s Chocolates Review

Hello, blogchics!

I’ve been busy with stuff lately but I’m back. ‘wink’ And, as I promised I will be sharing my chocolate experience on this side of the world, here where Hershey’s, Toblerone and even Ferrero or any other US or Belgian chocolates are not so clicked.

I’m introducing to you all, NZ’s very own and number one chocolate since 1896, Whittaker’s.

“Whittaker’s premium quality chocolate is crafted to a traditional recipe using the finest West African cocoa beans and creamy whole milk. The beans are roasted to perfection to give the unique European style and flavor that has made Whittaker’s a famous NZ company since 1896.” – from the chocolate’s packaging

I was able to buy 10 or more of their variants and decided to try some of my personal favorites and here I am sharing with you my experience with them, a yummy experience, if I may just add! =) Before I proceed, I must tell you first that I naturally have a sweet tooth that actually runs in my family, so a little trace of bias in here but I’ll try to be as honest as I can be. =)

The first one I tried is their WHITE CHOCOLATE.
I love white chocolates! So, did I like it too?
Honestly, not much. I’m a bit disappointed coz though I got a
sweet tooth, I do not like the sweetness that cuts like a knife straight through the brain!
For me, it’s sweeter than Toblerone white chocolate and Toblerone has bits of nuts
that seem to moderate the sweetness. That part is what’s missing in Whittaker’s.
Well, I told you I’ll be factual…. and bias, so my rate is 6/10.
Will I munch it again?
Yes, but just a small bite at a time. One bar for a week or two, maybe.

The 2nd one I tried is their PEANUT BLOCK.
It is actually my lovey’s choice since I’m no fan of peanuts.
I fear that they would cause me pimples after. =)
Did I like it?
Are you kidding? I LOVE IT! – so much that I forget about side effects.
Just right sweetness and very yummy peanuts. hmmm…
Will I recommend it?
Definitely, at the rate of 8.8/10!
I just dunno if Filipinos would love it as well, especially the elders,
why?, coz of the hard nuts (remember their teeth) and they
may find it similar to our very own panutsa! hehe

The last type for this batch is ALMOND GOLD.
I got so high with the Peanut Block that’s why I chose this.
Did it disappoint me?
Nope, but it neither gave me much of a big surprise.
I don’t know if it’s because of the after-effect of the peanuts
or its just that the almonds used were not as delicious as others.
I too liked better the taste of the chocolate in peanut block.
Will I have it again?
Yes, especially for gifts and pasalubong.
Almonds are more appealing than mere peanuts. =)
my rate: 8/10

Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates… if I could just have you all the time without having to worry about breakouts, weight, figure, and diabetes. =) But, it’s still fun to taste-test even if I do not have to eat the whole block. Yes, I did share it, my friends. Thanks to blogging, I have the perfect excuse!

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