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♥ CooL Online Game Websites for Kids ♥

I started my day with some kick-*ss!!! I was one breath away from being left by the scheduled bus, thank God the driver is in a good mood. =) So, he waited for me while I cross the street, holding my spare shoes in my hands! LOL

But, all good when I finally started my work. Aside from one incident of “frozen system”, everything went pretty well.

Today is my Lovey’s sister birthday, Marie, that’s why after work, we headed straight at a Malaysian Cuisine somewhere in downtown Wellington – Courtney Place, called SATAY KAJANG. We ordered the all-time fave “MiGoreng” with some spicy squid and banana crepe. Later, I “might” give my personal verdict to this resto. =)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

For now, lemme just share to you my latest discoveries – cool websites!!!

If you’re into fashion and…
if you love paper dolls,
then you’ll definitely adore this site. (go to dress-up section)
Highly recommended for kids and not to mention,
KIDS @ heart!

Revive the Tamagotchi days but do it
with the latest techie (wifi, the internet), because online
yo can now own and take care of your
very own virtual pet!
Just go to
Sure hit for kids and young adults
who want but cannot in one way or another
own a real pet.

I know, there are zillions of games out here in the net but sometimes in that “many”, we can’t seem to find the one perfect for us. That’s why I’m sharing these 2 cool sites based on my personal preference! =)

Enjoy everyone!


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