♥ Bird Story ♥

Good eve’ buddies! I hope you had a good Friday… =) Before I finally say goodbye to workdays and hello much awaited weekends, lemme just share to you my personal thought early this morning.

Coming to work, I was half an hour early so I decided to take a seat on a nearby bus stop. There, I found an old man, from his pocket he threw pieces of bread on the ground (birds’ breakfast I guess). He fed them more. At first, the birds quickly ate what they can eat and when they heard some footsteps (from people walking on the street) or cars passing, they fly away. Two birds caught my attention as I observed them in silence. At first, they were among those who flew away when a sound is heard. But one time, when a car passed and all other birds flew away, the 1st bird just stay put, looked where the sound is coming from and then like knowing it was harmless, he continued eating and the 2nd bird flew away but he had in his beak the piece of bread.

Then, it struck me. COURAGE. The (1st) little bird had the courage to do what he loves to do; what he needs to do; and what he has started doing. He did it despite all other birds has flown away. He did it alone. Then there is RESOURCEFULNESS showed by the 2nd bird. If he could not eat in peace in the streets then he just took away the food with him. I’m reminded – I MAY BE QUITTING THE PATH BUT I AM NOT QUITTING MY DREAM.

It’s funny how HE talk to us. I know, my thoughts about those birds came from HIM. =)

Renew your dreams this weekend!

All Love!

image by yours truly…. =)

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