Travel Bliss

♥ Travel Bliss : Rotorua & Taupo ♥

Sharing to you what I did to enjoy and give in to my passion (i.e. TRAVEL) this weekend, a quick, fun-packed one-day getaway (includes Mt. Ruapehu)!

We decided to stop at one of the many mountain-fields.
Sachi w/ ostrich.

Some sheep in faraway, background.
They were shy, I guess. hihi
(excuse my hair, it was WINDY!)
Inside the cable car @ Rotorua Skyline Skyrides.
Riding/Enjoying Luge Ride @ SkyLine SkyRides, Rotorua

Me and Lovey, goofy shot up on air while riding another cable car.

Mudpool @ Taupo
I really see not just swamps but grounds
steaming smoke!

Huka Falls @ Taupo

first sunset

One day, less than 24 hours actually can make a big difference in one’s life. I now have a clearer and more faithful outlook in life. I’m reminded of myself, of my passion – travel and travel some more, enjoy God’s gift of nature. I’m reminded that there are greater joys not brought by material things and I am reminded how big the world is, how short but wonder life can be. =)

Love you aLL!!!
P.S. I hope you enjoyed the long weekend in the Philippines. =)

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