♥ Just a POV ♥

With the recent cases/issues regarding the air of one’s personal opinion in the cyberspace, I’m not so certain if this is a smart thing to do. =p Well, anyway these are just nobody’s thoughts about the 2010 election.

Personally, I am 70% decided as to whom shall I give my single vote. But, from now until May 2010, I still have some time to think things over. Yeah, and read more facts about the candidates’ PERFORMANCES in their present offices, including ATTENDANCE and EXPENDITURES.

Here is our country once again, being faced with a challenge once again – to vote for the least evil among the candidates. In our culture, we choose candidates either because of the artists endorsing them or because of their family background. But, that was before. Today, I’d love to think that we’ve become smarter. I also believe that an elected public official is not made overnight. I hope everyone joins me in searching for the right person who will handle and represent our nation for the next (hopefully) 6 years.

My hopes….
1. More news about a candidate and his platforms rather than his sibling and artists endorsing him.
2. A clear explanation for the allegations to another candidate, this time coming directly from him.
3. Those running independents must be independent all the way.
4. Endorsers help, family background as well but I’d rather take a look at the PERFORMANCE.

As I’ve said, May is near yet too far. Plenty of time to know more of these wannabes. =)

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