♥ Filipinos tougher than ONDOY ♥

Since yesterday, I’ve been worried about my family, relatives, and friends especially those who are from Marikina. Today, as I/we browse for news about the recent natural calamity that hit our nation badly, Ondoy, we could not help but get worried more not just to the people we know, but for all our countrymen. I read my FB and saw all the messages of both concerns, advisories, and appeals as well. Also, it was part of the world news yesternight.

Ondoy has been the worst typhoon in terms of rainfall for the past 40 years! In 6 hours, it was able to pour an amount of water which is equivalent to a whole month’s rainfall!

Let’s not make this deemed-merciless typhoon Ondoy / Ketsana (called here) succeed and take all that we have. It may have been cold during those 6 long hours but the Filipinos managed to keep their hearts and helping hands warm It may have left the Philippines with flooded streets, but it also left Filipinos’ heart flooded with love and care, sympathy and togetherness, more faith in HIM and more hope.

The rain may have stopped, the water may have subsided, Ondoy will indeed pass but not the Philippines nor its people. Filipinos will always stand up, even when bruised or wounded, it will rise up, tougher and will claim victory over any typhoon.

I have watched some footages available on youtube and it made me cry – cry of sympathy, worry, and fear, cry of being touched seeing those who became heroes, instant heroes…

My ♥ goes to my home country especially to those who are greatly affected. This Sunday, I will request our local parish to offer a prayer for them.

It’s also a reminder for all of us that nature is good but when misused, it can be very dangerous.

PS: Kindness in the Philippines is not yet extinct and will never be! (for those who claim/thought there’s nothing else good back in RP)

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