Random & Personal

♥ Flooded with Worries ♥

Only now have I found out through the news in the internet and fellow bloggers the gravity of Typhoon Ondoy. While reading the stories, I felt something heavy in my heart and worries flooded my mind.

Then it became clear to me. It was because of Ondoy why I couldn’t reach my mom’s cellphone… =(

My best friend bid goodbye to me while chatting yesterday @ around 12noon, telling me the river near their house is rising. She lives in Marikina with her family, in a one-storey house. She’s not online AOT, which is unusual! =(

I heard of the flooding incident in Las Pinas, my sister and her family live there. =(

I’m WORRIED about my loved ones. I want to cry for not being able to hear from them! What’s the use of my notebook or cellphone if I could not make sure they are all fine. =(

I hope to contact them real soon. For now, I’ll just prayerfully hope that everything’s fine.

Please, just to learn they’re safe and fine… that’s all I ask.

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