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♥ Movie Marathon: Weekday edition ♥

I’m in movie watching madness once again. What can one do? So I just give in… watched movies ’till the wee hours of morning.

Time to relax for a while and have some hearty laugh – CLICK. 2006 flick of no other than Adam Sandler (Zohan & Wedding Singer) about a workaholic architect who seemed to forget his priorities because of career and ambitions. The story will revolve and get its life when Michael gets hold of a ‘magical’ universal remote – the one which controls the universe!

* Yep, I myself is guilty of wanting to fast forward and/or rewind my life every once in a while. But like in the movie, I know it’s not good, living at the present moment is still the best. =) I love the film, for me it’s a B+.

For a more serious movie, I picked the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s GREEN MILE. The story is about a prison guard played by Tom Hanks and his ordinary life that suddenly had some spice as new inmates came to his E block, particularly the hulk-like but kindhearted John Coffey. Miracles are real, everytime, everywhere and in everyone.

*Yep, its a long flick but it has managed to keep me awake and interested. Tear-jerker!!! It touched my heart right at the bottom and from my heart too, it’s an A-.

Movie marathon on a weekday. Whew. I’m dog-tired in the morning, sure, but hey I still managed to report to work. =)

Hope you guys can find some time to watch goodie movies like these too.

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