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♥ FEETerrific ♥

If there’s one body part that many people, (myself included) take for granted or just forget to take care of or pamper for some reason, I think it’s the feet! Good thing that foot spas started to blossom almost from every corner of the streets. However, since many of foot spas’ offers do not give enough satisfaction to customers or fail to give the ‘value for money’ service/effect, many do not go on a regular basis or worse never come back again after one trial. Some simply do not have the time.

I have an ugly feet. =) I think it’s in the genes. i totally forgot to pamper it during school days. But with all due respect and modesty aside, BO problems are just circumstantial for me. =) But, it’s different now – now that I have worked as a Cashier/Check-out operator which required standing most of the times, my feet got uglier and required not just pampering but remedies as well.

I made a silent vow to myself, from now on I’ll take care of my feet. I do not need it to be a Cinderella feet – just one which would look good on my pink Havaianas while walking on a beach, one would not ache during nights and one would be comfy wearing not just flats but heels as well.

So I formulated the following personal rules:

1. High-time to be more like a lady and be meticulous when it comes to shoes. No they need not be branded or pricey – just comfortable, very comfortable (with a kick!).

2. Regular pedicure!

3. Regular foot spa, including massages and scrubbing whether in foot spa services or CYO (create your own) spa @ the comfort of my homey.

4. Foot exercise.

5. Use some available helps/aids such as the following:

sole and ball cushion, massage while walking foam
& comfort insoles pad

I could not resist the charms of these feet finds. Hope (crossing fingers) these work for me and my uglier feet. =) LOL

All Love,
Miss Sachi

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