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♥ Sachi’s Campaign: B-Hook ♥

Lighter topic on this post fellas. =p

Guys, do you know that I love books. Sometimes I do read my e-books but I’m still a big fan of those traditional books. However, sometimes prices of books limit my power to buy new ones. Thank goodness that I was able to find my refuge when it comes to BOOK CRAVINGS @ Books For Less or Book Sale. These 2nd hand bookstores sometimes have goldies in them, trust me! On the other hand, there are some items worth buying brand new like Coelho’s, Harry Potter series and other best-sellers or future classics.

I know that at this age and time of Internet almost everywhere, books are ought to be forgotten but not for many people I know (including me) who still appreciate more the physicality of a book in our own hands. =)

Here in KiwiLand, reading is very very much part of their lives, culture! They have a huge library which is NOT EMPTY. I can see people reading at parks, bus stops and buses. They have reading time in schools too. So, I’m campaigning for youth and adults as well to be hooked! Yep, be hook on books… instead of other non-sense things or worse bad vices. =)

Personally, the benefits of reading books are countless but to name a few:

1. It stimulates the brain, we’ll get more knowledge!
2. It stimulates imagination, we’ll be dreamers!
3. It’s a good past time, SAFE. =)
4. We’ll get to know ourselves even more.
5. We’ll be more matured, composed and wisdom-filled people.
6. It’s a good habit and bonding time with kids or friends.
7. No worries when you get hooked!

Sharing to you some of my small favorites…

Tuesdays with Morrie, The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes

Empowerment & Self-help:
Meditation, Whole Body Beauty Wisdom

Empowerment & Self-help:
Checklist for Life, Best of a Lady
and Secrets of Happy Families

Hope to share with you what these books offer… soon.
I can’t imagine a life without a book.
It brings me to places and gives me new ideas.

All love,

Miss Sachi

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