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♥ Tummy Bliss: Chocolates (part II) ♥

Sweet day, everybody! How’s your mid-week holding up? Hope everything’s weLL.

As I have promised, here is the 2nd part of my Chocolate Experience on this side of the earth. =p Ready?

My first chocolate to share is Whittaker’s HAZEL NUT.

Armed with fresh roasted hazelnuts, this variant is very promising. The chocolate tastes creamy too just as stated in its packaging. However, in comparison with their Almond Gold & Peanut Block, Hazel Nut comes behind these two. Maybe, just a personal nut preference. =p Nonetheless, it’s delicious @ 8/10.

I suddenly missed Cadbury, so our next hottie is Cadbury’s

I think this is one of their newest products. A combination of their Old Gold (dark chocolate) and Dairy Milk (original milk chocolate). Personally, I could not understand or explain the combined taste. I was less appreciative of this mix @ 7/10.

Going straight to the next item, I’m sharing with you
Cadbury’s OLD GOLD.

Old Gold is in the range of dark chocolates that the company offers.
It has an intensity of 3, so I guess a good source of anti-oxidants!
It has liqueur flavored centers which include:
Coffee, Irish Creme, Hazel Nut & Orange.

At the first taste, I thought it has a mint, slightly melted candy inside
but it’s a whole lot different when I read the pack. What can I say, the concept and the taste are in no doubt have some originality. For chocolate lovers, though, this may be worth just a couple of tries but not to be a popular or a favorite choice for many. Still, it’s yummy & worth eating @ 8/10.

For the final dessert, I give you Cadbury’s newest baby,
CHOCOLATE BUBBLY ( I understand there are also other
variants like Peppermint Bubbly)

The slices are bigger and contain Aerated Chocolate Center.
At the middle, there are light luscious bubbles, explaining
why it is soft compared to their other chocolates.
Perfect for countries with cold weather!
Personally, I Love it!
It ain’t only Cadbury’s newest product but also my newest favorite.
It’s deliciously creamy and sweet (oh well of coz). =p
It’s just so good that I’m giving it two thumbs-up @ 9.8/10.
(The .02 is because it’s too sweet, oh well its chocolate!) LOL

There you go my friends, another food tasting with me. Reminder: these are just my comments as a consumer and not as a professional critic. =) So, be cool. Enjoy the goodness of chocolates in moderation.

Two more days and it’s Friday again! Have a nice week!

All Love,

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