Random & Personal

♥ Mom’s Piece ♥

I was browsing thru my jewelry chest to see what would fit my outfit for the House Blessing when I saw a pair of earrings my mom gave me before I went here. It was a proof of my ‘sentimentality’ rather than ‘practicality’.

She made me chose between a new, more expensive & really beautifully chic dangling earrings and an old (but I’d say classic!), round-shaped and less gram of gold, one which my dad brought for my mom for their wedding. What’s more special to that particular Mom’s piece is that it’s a Survivor. Most of my mom’s old jewelry end up in pawnshops and was no longer redeemed. There was a point in our lives when we became that poor. But, mom has managed to find a way to get us through even if it means losing her possessions.

So cutting the drama out (LOL), I chose the Survivor piece of my Mom… and I couldn’t be happier.

I did not wear it on the House Blessing, I used my pair of white gold studded with brillantitos but soon I might just wear it, besides it’s more than just a piece of gold to me.

All Love,

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