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♥ Countdown (21st – 20th day): Composting & Kiddie Time ♥

On the 21st day of my countdown, I sort of babysit for the second time around for 2 Fil-Samoan kids, Bella & Joshua. They are kids of Marie’s friends (Samoan & Filipina). What we did? Endlessly played PS2, ate cookies & chocolates plus some online games. I easily got along with them because of my very own darlings Bea & Uno. Wanna meet these adorable kids too? =p

Let’s go to another worthwhile activity I did, this time around for the love of mother nature! Yippee! Having a backyard makes it possible for us to exercise composting of easily rotten wastes such as leftover food. So, yours truly tried it herself, the digging, putting grass & finally covering again with soil. It’s really a big help for the environment, minimizing not just the wastes but also the use of garbage plastic bags. Sachi’s On S.A.L.E. (Saving And Loving the Environment).

On the same day occurred the House Blessing and I’m sharing with you some snapshots of the event. =) Delicious and overflowing foodies, a Pinoy priest, mostly Pinoy visitors, Karaoke to the max and children all over, it was a big time fun!

Jam-packed weekend, eh?
What about you, how did you spend the weekend?

All Love,

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