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♥ Frustrations blah blah blah… ♥

This is not such a very good day! Hep, before you think of anything negative that happened to me, let me tell you that there is none. Everything is perfect, or so I thought. The thing is I’m a little [understatement] frustrated and the cause is my addiction to Internet surfing. Gosh, I cannot seem to stop to browse all these online stores that appear left and right just like mushrooms & grasses. Hehe. They’re everywhere! That is despite the fact that I have hundreds of unopened invitations from them in my Multiply Account. =p

my supposed to be Diesel Bag, hehe


Oh, this is so mean. So HARD to resist temptations that seem to be just everywhere. I suddenly come up to a self-realization which I think is yet to be proven more solidly. I intend to spend more moolah when I’m less productive! You know why I say that? It’s because more time, effort and energy thinking about spending (as in to the point that I cannot brush ‘buying’ off my mind) means less time being spent on other matters like reading, working or whatever it is. I’m too preoccupied with that uber-cute diesel bag, very chic make-ups and branded shoes & bags that I can no longer do other functions. I seriously need help. =‘( Good thing, however, I’m moving out of this country, it’s making me mad when it comes to shopping! *sheesh*

Err, I spent the whole day, window-shopping through their catalogs and websites – the whole day imagine! What a waste!? *hoo* To end all these, I’m paying them a visit, last visit this Sat., (hehehehe) I just hope that the weather cooperates then. Now, you know why I’m frustrated. Aside from my incapacity to buy the things I’m craving to death right now (at least all), I feel unproductive. I just wonder though, do you think if I were able to buy those stuff I’ll still feel not productive?! LOL

Since I mentioned branded things above. The truth is, I never had both the mean and the chance to buy such things. I know that style and fashion depend on how one carries herself or her outfit [ultimately at least] but I’d still like to try them on and see for myself if there’s really a difference to the fitting, materials and quality all-in-all as compared to the averagely-branded stuff. Most people who’ve tried both say there is, just wanna prove it myself or who knows busted it. =)

Truth is I just know the brand names but I’m clueless as to which is more expensive or a better product. So, okay you may laugh at me [coz I’m laughing at myself too, hehehe] but I’d say anything worth more than Php 5000.00 for a starter. hmm hmm hmm *think, think, think*

I’ll end this post challenging myself, i.e. to be super chooooosy and overly meticulous when it comes to buying things, especially with clothes, shoes, and bags!!! That way I’ll be able to try branded ones & I’ll be out of trouble from any impulse shopping. WIN-WIN strategy, eh? I just wonder how long can I keep up with my challenge. *sigh* =p

SweetNight Fellas! I’ll be the wise shopper I always wanted – SOON!


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