♥ 100th Blog Entry Special ♥

Good Friday everyone! Today is a big day for me because this my 100th blog entry. *clap,clap,clap* hehe… Looking back, some of my previous entries are just about my personal sh*ts, some do really make sense and some come too strong or too meek. Anyhow, this particular blog will be a special treat for all of you. Since I’m a woman, (a tough & proud one) the first treat is for the whole Venus Clan – SHOPPING GALORE!!!

* didn’t I just mention about how much I want to try branded items?!
I smell opportunity ladies, how cool is that!?*

* I’m a Canon-lady, this is definitely a must-see for me!*

* Some me-shopping! Well, I guess it won’t hurt to bring along my
best friend, or mom & ate bong. =p*

* it’s time to start completing the Christmas Gift List!*

* Let’s go, girls, let’s have the FUN that WE DESERVE!*


These freaking cool stuff ’bout Shopping are from my own mailbox, email account & various friendly sites on the net. I hope you enjoy my treat for you this Friday Madness! More to come, promise!

All Love,


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