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♥ Woman’s Colour. ♥

Yesterday I originally planned to go to Wellington’s Cable Car but unfortunately, it was closed until Monday for its annual safety inspection. I then just decided to do some window-shopping. For three hours or more, I’ve been confined to only just 1 section: COSMETICS/MAKE-UPS.

I find it an extraordinary and truly fascinating experience for many reasons:

1. I’m more interested in make-ups when I was in elementary rather than as a grown-up or even today.
2. Since I have no enough knowledge about it, I usually get shy to look around at our local malls.
3. The saleslady talking to me is more of a pressure rather than of help that’s why I literally AVOID THE AREA.

But… yesterday was different. It was the perfect time to meet the WOMAN’s COLOURS. =) I first went to the brands known to me such as Maybelline, L’oreal, Revlon and Max and Clarins. Then, I went to sections of Australia & UK such as Natio and Australis. After that, I encountered some of the probably most expensive brands like Shiseido, Channel, Dior and Clinique. It felt heaven. Can I tell you one funny thing? I was hesitant to touch & try those in the area of Channel & Dior. =p I was intimidated. I was overwhelmed not just with the brands but more of the fact that I rarely touch those cosmetics and all the more see/try LOTS of testers! [though I tried them only in my hands]

As I went home, I looked at my kikay kit or make-up kit that has been kept for years. hehe…
And I found this antiques… LOL

♥ NIVEA lip balm in cherry flavor, I love it & I really use this one every day.
♥ Maybelline Fruit Jelly Lipgloss, I also love this one but seldom use because it’s messy.
♥ Avon burgundy lipstick usually used just in the morning or occasionally.
♥ Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation. I really love this one and it’s really good but for some reason, I developed an allergy to it last year. Now, that’s sad coz I really like this one.
♥ Avon eyeliner. I rarely use this coz I’m too lazy but I really think that eyeliners alone change my face, my look or my aura. =p
♥ Avon Mascara Long Lashes. I use this when I’m playing with my face inside the home. =)
♥ Dove Moisturizing Two-way Powder, Radiance Shine, Eyeshadow Rouge. I bought this one from my tita last year. Used it for just a couple of times. I love 3-1 packs but they seldom come in good combi colors. The quality is not much of top of the line too.

Upon seeing this shameful make-up kit of mine, I decided to buy myself some new stuff that can boost up my look. =) I raided Queensgate [mall in Lower Hutt, NZ] to find cool matches for me, without breaking my budget and here they are….. =0

* No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation and Botanics lipstick *

I’m not sure if I can give useful reviews out of them just like other bloggers do. Maybe I won’t attempt either but I’ll surely share with you my experience! Hope you had a grand weekend!


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