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♥ Fashion E! ♥


Last Sunday, I finally had the courage to avail a PEDICURE service! I was afraid I’ll be addicted to it and yes, I’m hooked. As a matter of fact I’m thinking of a nice color to wear next week for our office Christmas party and I’m planning to buy some chic slippers and open-toes shoes. I find it so sexy and chic!

But… I still hate nail files! I can just imagine or hear my nails scratching a blackboard! wee… so hate it. Also, I’m not yet ready to remove all my ‘ingrown’, just the upper portion. Before, I do my own nail cleaning but since time is of the essence, I decided to just avail a very affordable & acceptable service @ Php 50.00! =p

Just like with make-ups, DID YOU KNOW THAT I used to do my own pedicure, color it and even used nippers when I was in grade school! Yup, you heard me right but studies and other matters got in our way. =) But now, I’m gaining my interest with it once more.

♥ ♥ ♥

FF [fast forward] 2 days. I decided to wear a pair of slippers just to flaunt my newly pedicured toes! Came Tuesday, I still wore the same pair even though its too old. I had it since college, for pete’s sake! =) Can you guess what happened next?!

FASHION EMERGENCY – the strap suddenly spaced out! Oh no! Thank goodness it was lunch time when it happened and not in the middle of an important workshop I was attending the whole day! Thanks to my being friendly also, hehe… but kidding aside, thanks to Age, my co berkies, she lent me a pair of nice step-in so that I can buy a pair @ a nearby SM (thank God again). =p So, my day was saved. So grateful! My bonus for almost being crazy about this fashion emergency… TA-DA….

Just the colors I like and Just the styles I’m planning to buy! So perfect!
All Love,
Miss Sachi

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