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♥ It’s Christmas all over the world! ♥


15 minutes to go and it’s Christmas! hep hep… not here in Pinas but in NZ where My Love is. The thought makes me sad. Not being able to spend Christmas (and my birthday) with him but I know for sure that WE will come out stronger after this trial of time and distance. Enough of sad thoughts. For a brighter part of my life, my Ate gave me some dough just to go shopping with her earlier toay! Can you freaking believe that?! I can’t believe myself! But shopping is shopping, I love it and so I enjoyed!

Aside from aguinaldos I’m giving away this season, I also gave myself some Christmas (and birthday) treats.

* black & white blouse *
* hand-sanitzer w/ moisturizer KIWI scent *
I miss NZ somehow.

* an everyday watch – my kind of watch,
interchangeable strap and face *
* sophie martin big brown bag for everyday use *
* manicure =p *

Today is also Nanay’s (grandma, mother side) birthday. For Noche Buena and Christmas day itself, our family will shae together menudo, relyenong bangus (my request), buko slad, leche flan, spaghetti, carbonara (unsure), sisig, hamon de bola and some more goodie foodies.
We are also planning to visit Uno @ Las Pinas. I miss My Love so very much. It is so sad that we cannot celebrate together this year but we made a sweet vow, actually it’s his vow that it’s gonnab be THE LAST DECEMBER that we’re apart from each other.
PS. Considering the ‘deprivations’ I experienced when I was abroad, it’s just fair that I spent some dough for myself this time around. =p I know you agree with me, ‘aight?!
Love You All Much!
Miss Sachi

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