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♥ The Champion and The Light Phase. ♥

A couple of days ago, I was already sure of my decision to stop airing my thoughts on the net. As the Godfather said, NEVER LET YOUR ENEMIES KNOW WHAT’S INSIDE YOUR MIND. That’s why after a few bumps & flops of my online life, I decided to just terminate my writing through blogs and just go back to my old-style pen and paper diaries.

But then, even if some of my writings are bit too personal to the point that none of you would be interested reading it after the first line, I somehow think that some of my writings / discoveries / realizations are worth sharing. Also, from time to time there’ll be info worth for dissemination, issues worth for a reaction and articles worth forwarding. We may all kiss goodbye to my deep and intense personal thoughts and heLLo to more general but interesting topics. =) After all and FYI, btw… I am entering the LP of my Life [Light Phase]. Another chapter, yahoo!

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I just watched the PBA championship today and being a born PF fan, I’m so glad they won another all-Filipino title! [though I find the game with no thrill at all] Champions as we commonly know, they are winners. How do you spell being a champion? Pride. Price. Being on Top. Being First. By the grace of God we are all champions in our own little ways. Being champion in Life for me means being happy and content, being healthy and spiritual and most of all being forgiving and giving. I wanna be the champion someday. I actually never thought of being one before. But I guess it’s never too late, is it?

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Going back to the new chapter I’m previously talking about, I am entering the Light Phase of my so-called Life. Inspired by the book Planet Janet [ in which a teenage girl enters a dark phase, – deep and intense thinking about life], but since I’m already quite a grown-up kid [hehehe], I’d rather enter the Light Phase. Also deep and intense thinking but I’ll make sure that there’ll be inspiring realization, revelations and discoveries along the way. Something that will produce LOTS of LOADS of Positive Vibes! And I will need this blog for those! =p

Beautiful Night everyone & cheers for us, the Champions!

Miss Sachi

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