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♥ In Love Again & For Your Eyes Only ♥

Since today is a wonderful Monday, I decided to go home early and have a “quick walk” to the mall which is on my way. =)

While looking for the colored pens in the supplies section, these lovely pink items captured my eyes instantly in quite a distant!

Ready to Dive-in to SUMMER!!!

* all images from google but surprisingly look-alike of my finds*

This is what a quick walk to the mall can do, and you know what I realize? I’m in Love again…. with PINK! I am a big fan of reds but when I started working, I shifted to black & white and now… hot pink it is, feminine yet strong and cool for summer, a’ight?!

♥ ♥ ♥

On another note, March happens to be the “International Women’s Month” with a powerful team which is: BABAE, Tagumpay Ka ng Bayan! What can you say, huh!? *asteeg* But since we’re still on Lent season, I voluntarily and consciously submit myself to some deprivations, though there a’int much of a success. Anyway, it’s worth trying. Also, with this on my mind, I am officially starting my summer a li’l late – April.

Somehow related to the Lent is the scheduled event in my office this coming 24th of March in which I will be bringing along my parents. Fr. Suarez the well-known healing priest will be gracing our office! What a blessing!? Oh yeah, God is good, Life is a beauty!

From girl empowerment to healing prayers and summer express let us go to a bit of an irritant fact. Do you know that our beloved Philippines is the 4th most corrupt country in South East Asia? Sad news, eh? Not to mention, shameful. Our country has a long long way to go, I just hope we really could go somewhere. Let’s start being part of the change we want this coming 2010 Election. Let us all participate before [think hard], during [get up and vote!] and after [guard] the election, and oh Pray all the way. =p

Till the next hit! All Love,

Miss Sachi

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