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♥ Lenten Tradition ♥

* San Marcelino Church (San Vicente) near Adamson University [dad’s Alma mater] image from google *

It has been a personal tradition of mine since HS days to do a Visita Iglesia [church visit] during the Lenten season, particularly on Holy Thursday. Together with my classmates, I used to walk around Manila to complete all 14 churches.

When I got a little older, my Lovey started to come along with me, however, instead of walking, we decided to take some rides. What he reintroduced to me is fasting during Ash Wednesday (and supposedly Good Friday) and abstinence from meat during Fridays of the entire Lent season.

This 2010, I’m happy with the fact that I was able to influence my siblings and parents to join us in our church visits! It became a family thing/bonding! Do not get me wrong, we kept the mood of praying and repentance still. It is just so good to pray with your family. As the saying goes… “The family that prays together, stays together”

I just hope that you had a meaningful Holy Week just like mine. Although I can still enumerate things that changed over time, for better or worse, I do not know. These days, there are fast foods and convenience stores still open during Good Friday. There are almost-regular programming on tellies and radios. I hear no pasyon. =( For me, it’s sad. We’ve slowly lost our traditions during this supposedly holy week. That’s why I vow with all my heart to keep alive this little Lenten tradition in my Life.

How about you? How did you spend your Holy Week?

Trivia: My dad’s an alumnus of Adamson University, so the church near his school, San Marcelino as commonly known has been their meeting place for my mom… & last Holy Thursday was his first visit to the said church in 35 years! And it made them nostalgic and not to mention happy… very happy.


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