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♥ Shake your Life! ♥

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Lovely Monday Morning pressers! I am feeling a bit sleepy with possibly because of my low-energy diet. I was not able to grab a quick breakfast! [rush… rush… rush…]. Off to work with an empty stomach and hence, LOW LOW energy level.

So what’s to boost me up this first day of a work week? My current addiction it is – Fruitas Fruit Shakes! [with lots of choices/combinations to choose from and experiment from!]. Here’s a little info from their packaging. Hope it’ll help you do your right pick and mix. =))

PS: I know a lot of you are ‘INTO COFFEE’, but its summer & it will be totally refreshing if you’d try these fruity, delicious & healthy shakes!

Strawberry – good refreshing cleanser.

Orange – helps in cleaning up the digestive system

Melon – gentle laxative that stimulates action on the intestines

Watermelon – stimulates the appetite while cleansing the kidneys and bladder

Apple – helps relieve indigestion, keeps cholesterol stable and suppresses appetite

Banana – excellent aid in digestion

Mango – gives energy, vitality and promotes healthy skin

Papaya – energy booster that stimulates appetite and cleanses internal organs

Pineapple – aids in the digestion of protein

Grapes – excellent metabolism stimulator

An energy-filled week to all!


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