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♥ Reminders! ♥

Today is a day of some reminders. First & foremost, the National Election on Monday! I hope everyone exercise their rights AND do their duties to vote. If  we want real change, might as well we do it first on OUR VOTES! =) Your bets may not be mine & mine may not be yours but the next President will all be OURS! Agree?! (=

Secondly, I’ve been in memory lane this afternoon. I accompanied my niece, nephew & parents to Ortigas Center for their anti-flu vaccines. And oh my, how I missed the place, most especially my very first office @ 32nd floor of Jollibee  Center. I miss the corporate life, the private company life and all it encompasses. Same old buildings, new establishments & restaurants, more people on the streets and cars too. I do miss the place so much. I just hope it misses me too. LOL. I love it. It was my first professional home. I was still very young, starting a career when I was walking those streets. Oh my, time flies but what is more important is that I enjoyed my experience with Ortigas & its people.  I was reminded of my firsts and starts.

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that this Long Weekend is not just all about the election! IT”S ALSO MOTHER’s DAY this coming Sunday! So, to all the mothers out there. Happy happy mother’s day! To my mom: GREAT JOB MOM, Love you much! For a starter I bought her a coffee mug & chocolates.

I saw some kids being injected with vaccines earlier this afternoon. I was surprised because girls are a lot braver than the boys! There was this boy who cried so very loud with punching punches and kicks that it took four people to hold him! Now, it’s no wonder anymore why only women bear children. Women are simply more pain-tolerant! That’s why I believe that Mothers are the TOUGHEST soft-hearted persons. =)

Again, happy Mother’s Day to all mothers & for us all children let’s all make sure that they’ll feel that its their day!

Goodnight pressers.

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