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♥ From SATC 2 to Lessons Learned ♥

I have not been blogging for life! Awww… ='(  I so miss it na! I have a long list of topics to write about only, no matter what or how I do, I just cannot squeeze it to my day. Poor me.

Anyhow, no time to waste, for this day is devoted to the ChocnutMuncher. Today is MY UNOFFICIAL HOLIDAY! (;

I will start with last night, watching SATC 2 @ SM Cinema using Citibank’s real deal promo! As expected the first sequel of  Sex and the City outweighs the new one. SATC 2 is more shallow. It is funny still [depends on the scene] but the plot is uninteresting and I particularly hate the stupid acts [near-end]. But I love some lines [e.g. Let me check my schedule, OH I’M FREE! and You’re not happy IN, you’re not happy OUT, what do you want from me? and many more]. My rate 5/10.  Sorry Girls… but love you still. =p

Last week I attended 2 celebrations of life [Christening and Debut]. I did not have a debut, which is quite sad but I totally understand our situation then. How about you? Due to the events, we all got to thinking how time flies so FAST! Oh, Life! Oh, how fun to celebrate it all the time. Oh, my I can’t wait to put up my very own party that would mark my celebration of new life. =) The recent celebration also brought me closer to my long lost friends in college and my new found ones in the office. I am so damn blessed with wonderful carzy people called as Friends.


Last to share is somehow EMO. =) You know how women are when the monthly visits set near, come on! haha Since the year started, I already have several local, out-of-town trips and in those trips, I always, always plan to do some rearrangements regarding my life. Sadly, no trip was a success. ='(  So maybe, getaways are not just meant to give me some life-makeover [at least for me, I guess]. But on a Sunday afternoon mass, it suddenly strikes me, an awakening thought. I do not have to get out of the city or go somewhere else looking for some rearrangements in my life, all I got to do is go to the Lord’s house and open and offer my heart to him. Some more realizations that came up on me during previous masses are about being worldly. The priest was right and I like him so much for reminding me always about my [and most people too] attitude about the material things that exist on earth. That we always want more and that we cannot seem to have enough and be content. It becomes hard to satisfy us. And we forget that ONLY ONE THING is truly important – our relationship with God.

That’s it folks, my small realizations the past days and the meaningful events of my personal life! How about you? Any interesting happening? In two weeks, I’ll be rafting in CDO! *woohoo*

For my next post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the importance (as I realized) for people to find early in life what truly makes them happy as an individual and as a couple! A recent traumatic family problem made me realize it, and I also settled my mind on what happiness means to me, and it has a great deal with water!

Till the next heat!

PS: I am seriously contemplating on getting serious about my writing, it’s a real nice hobby and outlet, an instant getaway from the world’s chaotic attitude!


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