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♥ The Sports Late Bloomer ♥

Have I mentioned before that I am not an athletic type of lady, even though sporty attire fits me well and my built looks like I do a lot of exercise? Well, I’m afraid I have to shout yes dearies. Aside from swimming [ which I love, love, love, btw ], there are no other sports activities that I do or learned to do. Until the past days…


I finally had my first time on billiards with no other than my BF [as a tuitor]! Oh boy I had so much of a FUN! But I believe I will not master it anyhow. =) My arm easily got tired and my hands became rough and callous. I leave it to the boys. Yesterday, a couple of friends and I tried bowling! Ehem… my records were set. 66-92 [1st and 2nd game]. A few canals (for trying different colors & techniques) and a couple of strikes! It was fun and I enjoyed to the max that I am contemplating on doing it again next week, and the week after that! =p Really, I love the moment when it is just about me & the target, when I hear no one else but my heartbeat, when I see nothing else but my target and from the moment I release it in my hand up to the near-hit, everything else seems to be in slow-motion.  At first try, it already taught me one good discipline, concentration. And I am willing to master it!

I maybe a late bloomer when it comes to sports but I sure will bloom, one day soon, for the love of game and for the love of a healthy lifestyle. (:

How about you? In which sport are you addicted to? *will try badminton next week!*

Miss Sachi

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