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♥ Which of the SATC Girlz are you? ♥

Take the quiz @ FemaleNetwork!!!

SATC_quiz_article.jpgThe highly anticipated sequel to the Sex and the City movie comes out today—and what better way to mark the occasion than with a character-driven quiz? From the time it was a hit series on HBO—up until two years ago when the first film adaptation brought in a brand new throng of followers—SATC has been to countless women what The Godfather has been to countless men. For its die-hard fans, this show-turned-movie is essentially a style, sex, and relationship bible, with its four female leads representing the different facets of womankind. In fact, it has become a common practice for women to identify themselves with one of the SATC girls (as in, “I love fashion—I’m such a Carrie!” or “I’m so cynical—I’m a total Miranda.”)

Want to know which lady from this fabulous foursome represents your personality? Take the quiz and find out!

(Photo courtesy of New Line Cinema)


My Result….

SATC___Charlotte.jpgYou are Charlotte York.

You’re a prim and proper princess and a straight-up girly-girl. You’ve fantasized about your perfect wedding ever since you first laid eyes on a bridal magazine as a tween. You are a hopeless romantic who places a lot of importance on ideals and traditions—and, unlike other women, you refuse to believe that chivalry is dead. In relationships, you sometimes want to take things to the next level way before your partner is ready to. But don’t fret, The One is out there, somewhere—you just haven’t found him yet! Your optimistic nature is refreshing and greatly appreciated by your more cynical friends (even if they’ll never cop to it). You’re going to make an amazing wife and mother (if you aren’t one already), and ‘til your dying day, you’ll remain one classy dame.

(Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema)

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