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♥ Late Update! CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin Adventure ♥

Been so busy as a bee the past few weeks… busy but happy. 🙂

I spared my self from gimmicks for the rest of the month of June to give way to the necessary prep re: my much anticipated MID-YEAR break! Yup, aside from the fact that we hardworking beings deserve it, it’s fun to enjoy life with friends in other great places. Spent most of the time, planning and packing and shopping! (shorts, sundress etc.)

For this year, the Berks Travel Society chose to enjoy a place in the peaceful Northern Mindanao where one can experience the Ultimate Rafting Adventure, Ziplines Craziness and Island Serenity! Whereelse? Cagayan De Oro – Bukidnon – Camiguin Island.

[TRIVIA: Camiguin is my dream island! As a child, I find it not just a beauty but also mystical. It did not disappont me at all.] Gonna tell you about our ultimate adventure soonish! As of now I am more than just happy to having visited those places, the picturesque sceneries, superb food and golden friendships we’ve met along our journey. Many thanks!!!

I probably got so tired from all the adventures I’ve done in Northern Mindanao that’s why the following days up to this date, I am down with a flu. ;( but still I’m too overwhelmed by CDO-Bukidnon and Camiguin, even a bad flu could not take away the grin and smile on my face. Aside from this virus, I’m still clearing up my table from backlogs so I’ll just make a quick share about my learnings from my latest travel.

1) Plane Skeds are dead serious, even if most of the time flights are delayed! My friend was late so she had to rebook her ticket and catch the next flight. It cost 3K in just a matter of minutes! Can you just imagine if it were an international destination?! I don’t. She had to wait for 2 hours before the next flight while we had to wait for her at Lumbia Airport at CDO. Talk about time hassle.

2) Include eating time in your itinerary. My, I cannot remember how many times I had to endure hunger for this particular travel. 😦 The only thing I did not like so much. Understandable, right? Who would want to smile and pose and enjoy with crunching stomach!? Not me!

3) Patience, Friendliness and being articulate is very important and beneficial, so better start practicing now. hehe

4) Search the net before you go if you do not want any room for any hassle during your adventure. Don’t forget to bring hard copies of your searches okay?!

5) Be prepared fashion-wise, from clothes, shoes & accessories. Plan your style! After all, pictures are all you can take back home with you, so better have good ones right? And also you will never know when you will be back again or if you will be in the future. 😉

That’s it, I’m still a bit high from my last trip and I better endure the joy while it lasts! Have fun with Life!

The chocnutmuncher.

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