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♥ Good thing with "Basyang" ♥

With a very little sleep due to howling wind overnight, metrowide blackout which started from 12:30 AM up to this writing, disconnection from the outside world (no signals hence, I did not know earlier if we have to go to the office or not) and nothing to do at home [atleast the ones I want like i.e. watching DVDs, lappy time and reading], I simply cannot drag my a*s even an inch away from my bed and actually make something productive for this day. BIG SIGH

But when I step down the stairs [with so much effort exerted], I find the sweetest things my stormy morning can ever give me. My dearest pamangkins (nephew and niece), with their sweetest smiles! 🙂

Then everything else suddenly falls in the right places. A refreshing shower, a hearty breakky, strong but creamy coffee and stuff I’m dying to do but cannot find time [clipping mags, blogging, tracking down expenses, filing receipts and bills]. Amidst the no signal phones, low-batt lappy, silent home, I’m happy and grateful we’re all safe under our roof. Afterall, the reason why I travel most of the time is to get some quiet time and here I am with nil cost having a mid-day quiet time (which we all deserve from time to time). All that’s missing is a soulful music perfect for the cool weather.

Indeed there is a rainbow after the storm. I hope you find yours today just like I did, in the most simple and common things/people  that I often ignore due to endless, sometimes non-sense reasons/excuses.

Gonna be a KID for today! 🙂 Have a safe day everyone! Go home early, will yah?!

The Chocnutmuncher

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