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♥ A New IsLand to Dream of ♥

Friday and we all heart this day!!! 🙂 Hope you had a peaceful & productive week despite the recent typhoon “Basyang” which  caused a dreaded metrowide blackout!

Before I finally tuck into my bed, lemme share to you my newest aspiration. Again, it has something to do with both travel and water! In my previous post, I mentioned that CAMIGUIN was my dream island and now that I have already visited the truly magnifique island I think it’s just right that I aspire for another one! { It makes life a wonder! } So the lucky island would be GUIMARAS. Yup, even though I’ll be going in Mactan Island of Cebu this September, Guimaras of Iloilo won’t escape my mind.

I’ve known Guimaras since August 2006, when a devastating oil spill happened. A bit of information taken from my bestfriend on net, wikipedia:

“The Guimaras oil spill is a massive oil spill at the Guimaras Strait, the Philippines. It is dubbed as the worst oil spill ever in the Philippines.[1]

The oil tanker M/T Solar I, carrying more than two million liters of bunker fuel, sank on August 11, 2006 at the Guimaras Strait off the coast of the Guimaras and Negros Occidental provinces, causing some 500,000 liters of oil to pour into the strait. Siphoning the remaining 1.5 million liters from the sunken tanker, at a depth of more than 600 meters, was scheduled for MARCH 2007

It has been said and said about the recent oil spill which has now adversely affected marine sanctuaries and mangrove reserves in three out of five municipalities in Guimaras Island and reached the shores of Iloilo and Negros Occidental. The oil spill occurred in the Visayas Sea which is considered a rich fishing ground that supplies most of the fisheries demand for the entire country. (NDCC, August 2006)

Haribon sent its two biologists to Guimaras to rapidly assess the damage and talk to the affected communities regarding their immediate needs. Definitely Haribon will be providing assistance to the area particularly for the long-term rehabilitation of the area. Finally, the government has evacuated the affected families who have already been exposed to the toxic elements of the crude oil. According to reports gathered in the field, people have already contracted skin diseases.”

Before the 2006 August Incident (i supposed) {photo via}

The Guimaras Oil Spill {via}

This I Love! *biggest grin* {via}

Province of Iloilo especially Guimaras Island, wait for me wll ‘yah!? (= If there’s one thing I really can be proud of about our country is that we have lots and lots of places/destinations {specially beaches} to offer to the whole wide world. I just hope we can properly maintain their natural beauty! Aside from Guimaras, there is another place in Visayas region that I am dying to visit, but I better tell you next time.

Have a good night sleep everyone and hope you dream of a very beautiful place for tonight!

With Love,

The ChocnutMuncher

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