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♥ A Little Lust for Monday! ♥

Wearing skirts is a BIG NO-NO for me much more for a dress simply because I am not comfortable with them AND I have fat legs and thigh. But the past few days, I am suddenly lusting for girly-girl dresses and skirts. I do not know if it has something to do with… ‘ya know… aging or maturing [I guess that would better fit!] 😉

I wanna feel so girly again, so feminine and demure! 😉 I like to feel carefree and youthful once again. A little revelation about me is that I am often a victim of being under-dressed! And I believe that with pretty and classy dresses I can go anywhere confidently.

To satisfy my lustful thoughts, I raided the net for some dress inspirations, and here’s what I’ve got to share… help yourselves girls!


This is my very very favorite! I hope to find one soonish!

{ via}

Simple but look classy. My thing absolutely.


I simply love the yellow and purple/white one. COOL!!!


Perfect for office seriousness and for ladies’ night-outs party-feel.

For now, back to the reality of my workloads, folks. But after the 8-5 job, I’ll do hunt for these hot picks! How about you? Any inspirational lust?

The ChocnutMuncher

2 thoughts on “♥ A Little Lust for Monday! ♥

  1. aaaaawww…u shud start wearing “girLy but lusty” dresses na…hahaha…bsta for me…friday is lust day!!!


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