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♥ Rock Your Wednesday!!! ♥

After nearly a year of going to the office at around 9:00 – 9:30 AM, today is my first day of  coming early to the office [8:16]. 🙂 I hear claps! Congratulate me right there. This blog has actually a lot to do with it. I’ve decided to make time for writing and reading as well. Guess what’s the perfect time of the day for all these inspiring stuff. Clue: sipping  a hot creamy but strong coffee, enjoying a cool music from my Palm PDA {like John Mayer’s}, running through my paper-works, writing to-do list for the day and so on… MORNINGS!

Anyway, I’ll just a devote a good 30 to 45min. hehheh bleh. Besides, at around this time, very few are IN yet. By all means too, I can extend my work in the afternoon (which is the case most of the times, btw). Aside from waking up early today, Wednesday being a mid-week is so damn plain and ordinary [even Mayer could not spice it up!], so what to do to add a little snap? hmmhmm…

On my tweeter account, I’m following quite a handful of celebrities, both foreign and local. Like last week, I stumbled upon Tim Yap’s {through a retweet by someone, though} and quoting him…

“Okay, here’s a SCOOP. And again, you heard it FIRST FROM ME. You know who’s coming to Manila before the year ends? Obama AND Madonna,”


Now, that’s freakin’ cool and rock!!!

I love, love, love to go! But, I cannot imagine even in my dream how much would the ticket cost [for Madonna, ofcourse] and if there’s someone who’d care to understand and actually accompany me. Anyhow, the dates are still uncertain, so for now I’ll try to save and save so that, you know?! Who knows?! 😉

That’s it for now. Any good pressed stuff recently? I’ll catch up! ‘Till the next hit!

The ChocnutMuncher

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