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♥ What I realized in 3 years… ♥

… they’d only realized on their 7th.

If there is one thing I am grateful for, that is the early realization that I should avoid wasting or spending my precious time on things and people not so worthy of it.

You see, at 25 how many hours of my everyday had I devoted [unintentionally or not] to non-rewarding activities, unappreciative people, non-fulfilling tasks and negative thoughts? Countless.

True, it may be inevitable. After-all, most of the times if not always, we only realized that what we did is just a waste of time when the sun sets. But, conscious realization that we should not be wasting our short  ONE-SHOT of  LIFE on things and people who will not really matter when twilight comes, when we’re old in a rocking chair, when we’re bed-ridden  and when we’re laid  finally in rest is something we should master to remember for everyday.

I am renewing my vow to healthy, happy and God-inspired LIFE. I resolved to try my best to avoid negative thoughts and people. I resolved to enjoy my everyday by doing more things I really love to do and by doing random acts of kindness. I resolved that I will spend more time with God, my Savior and the ONLY ONE that would matter when everything else fades and return to dust.

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