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♥ I wanna go on a Honeymoon… ♥

Seeing honeymoon pictures of my friend makes me think hard where exactly would I want to spend mine {when the time comes}. Before I knew it, the list goes on and the net tabs of my browser could no longer be counted. 🙂 But some places we fancy about really started during childhood years, right?. And in my case, I’ll stick to them.

I love water, that’s natural to me, some kind of an innate quality. That’s why surprisingly, NOT all honeymoon spots I thought of are beaches. Also, no matter how much I wanted to visit sophisticated and busy cities like Tokyo, New York and do extreme activities like bungee jumping and skydiving, I did not include them. For me they are just places and activities to explore and wild-upon not intended for romanticism. {again, in my opinion only}. They could kill the ‘lovin feeling, you know! {they are fast-paced places and activities} With no further ado, here’s my much thought about candidates for honeymoon spots…


Venice, Italy. Inspired by the movie Dangerous Beauty. It’s a city of true love for me.


Paris, Italy. Commoner. I know but…. who could not say no? NOT ME.


Santorini, Greece. No solid explanation for this one. I just find the structures interesting and the view romantic.


Hawaii. The only beach on my list. Just look at the photo, isn’t she lovely?


Vatican City, Italy. Simply because we’re devout Catholics and nothing would beat making a vow during the Papal’s mass, squeezing yourselves amongst the faithful, Such a blessing to start a new life of together-ness.


In a Beautiful Sunset in laid-back places like USA Countryside. Sunsets are romantic. Period.

I am so very much HIGH in LOVE because of my post! 🙂 Makes me really really wanna go on a Honeymoon…. but not any time soon! 😉 But honestly, for ladies like me who’s hopeless romantic deep inside, honeymoon whereabouts do not really matter. What’s important is that we’re in love, our husbands [wow, gives me chill!] love us and God is the center of our relationships. I really wouldn’t mind visiting our very own beauty-natural beaches like Boracay or El Nido or Amanpulo. 😉 A weeklong stay at 5-star hotel like Sofitel and Diamond Hotel will do too.

It is truly is exciting so before I could think of actually proposing  to my BF this very moment, I’ll leave you all with sweet hugs and kisses! Stay in love. Happy weekend. 🙂

P.S. No copyright infringement intend with the use of photos. Photos belongs to the rightful owners and are credited/linked accordingly.

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