♥ How to say no? —– to your boss? ♥

Not me. This post is not about me. This topic just popped into my mind and I just wanna be prepared when it’s my chance to say NO to my boss. For the sake of putting a border over this topic, I will limit the subject to the work-related tasks ‘the boss’ would sometimes tell us to do BUT we cannot due to the simple reason that you are already overloaded {or so you thought}!

1) Never say “I do not like”. That phrase could be the reason why you’ll be charge with insubordination. Besides, most work matters would not and do not consider your likes and dislikes!

2) Avoid saying “I can’t” because truly, in life, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Remember, even in life we are also, as much as possible discourage from thinking that we cannot do what we want and need to do. Just like what my former professor used to tell us, what the mind conceives, the body will achieve!

3) Have you noticed I used the word ‘avoid’ rather done ‘never’? It is because I understand that there will be times that we have to be honest & admit that we cannot do some things we are told to do so. Just be careful though ‘coz saying ‘You cannot’ can be tricky. I personally think that it’s okay to say it as long as it will not reflect anything bad against you, like inefficiency, ineffectiveness and your other incapability. Make sure you can explain well the reason why you cannot accept additional jobs. Reasons such as time constraints, the nature of your current work assignment which could have deadly deadlines, inch-thick contracts and other stuff you try hard to multi-task.

4) Another way and I believe is the best way is to speak it out discreetly or indirectly. I’ve seen it a lot of times and fortunately in our office this one works! Lucky me. Say it indirectly by taking a quiet pause [30 sec. 1 min], then give some suggestions. Like unloading some of your tasks. That way, you’ll be negotiating, discreetly though. With that technique, your boss would not think that you are refusing work or getting away with responsibilities. Much more he/she cannot accuse you of insubordination. Subconsciously, the boss would feel that you are actually open to his/her idea. That I think is what’s important.

5) If all else fail. Lift your case to The Above. 😉 Pray hard that your boss changes his/her mind. Wait, that [praying] I think should have been tagged in everything you do especially when planning or plotting out on how to say the big NO —– to your boss!

Have a hearty weekend! Be kind to your boss, greet her/him & smile at her/him. Magic Monday!

The ChocnutMuncher

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